The Adventures

The Adventures are a series of quests designed to test even the most hardened warrior. These adventures may prove fatal, but great rewards may be reaped by those who complete the quest. 

If you would like to take a quest, email me, and then find your party members. You may not play more than two members of your party, and shouldn't play more than one.  The characters you quest with do *not* have to be ones previously in the game. 

Once you have your party, email me again, and get everyone's emails. I'll be talking to you all about what you need for the quest.

Long ago, elders of the Magi created three sacred relics. Together, these three relics held the forces of nature and magic in balance, keeping the land in harmony and equality. Each relied on the others, as the forces of good, evil, and neutral could not exist without one another. These relics resided in a temple guarded by one hundred immortal warriors... the finest fighters of the land reanimated after death to guard the relics for eternity. Years stretched into decades, decades into centuries, and centuries into millennia, but the peace was not to last. 

The day that Klael was born, the sun eclipsed and the trees whispered of the earth's destruction. Faeries and sprites hid in alarm, for they had sensed the coming disaster. Klael was born a decent lad, strong and brilliantly inquisitive. He had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and spent all his free time studying every book he could get his hands on. His parents, frustrated at his lack of interest in farming and other worldly matters, sent their son to the school of Wizardry at the city, once they discovered the boy playing tricks with magic. He flourished at the school, and as one of the star pupils he passed all exams with ease. His proficiency soon got to his head, and the young man began to put on airs and become arrogant and vain. He played vicious tricks on his peers, some proving fatal, but since he was the best the school had seen, he was forgiven. 

Vicious pranks turned to deadly tricks as Klael amused himself by setting ambushes and traps for anyone who happened by. He began to turn from the light, repudiating his white robes for more suitable black, the color of evil. He built for himself a mighty fortress,  filling it with all earthly pleasures, but still he wanted more. When a chance comment from a traveler passing through alerted Klael to the existence of three relics so powerful as to hold the earth in check, he knew he must have these for his own. 

He set out on his quest for the relics, riding his fine black warhorse until he reached the temple. Faced with one hundred undead warriors, Klael did the impossible - he broke the enchantment holding the warriors to their eternity-long guard duty. Now, only the piles of dust where bodies once stood remained. Continuing through the temple, he finally reached his destination: the relics. The first was readily visible to the dark sorcerer, the Black Diamond, the power of evil. The second, a sword so perfect it defied even the best blacksmith's attempts, was visible only when Klael forgot his greed and looked with a slightly less biased view. The third relic was invisible to one of the Black Robes, and so Klael did not see the third relic, a scepter made of the finest gold and jewels. This he sought the most, and, frustrated at the seeming absence, Klael attempted to retrieve the Diamond and the Sword. However, the relics were not without safeguards of their own. 

When he grabbed the Diamond from the altar, he upset the balance immediately, as he knew he would. All light disappeared from the stone building, and an earthquake shook the ground from it's very foundations. Though he groped for the sword in the sudden darkness, he searched in vain. As stone blocks came crashing downwards about his heels, Klael muttered a quick incantation, transporting himself and his new jewel back to his tower.

As the power hungry always, Klael wanted more. Unheeding of the veritable tornadoes and tremors ravaging the earth, Klael sought to tap the power he knew resided inside. One dark and lonely night, the sorcerer and his damned curiosity finally doomed the earth as they knew it. In his attempt to access the power hidden in the gem, he discovered the last -and fatal- lock, one that even he could not break. His body crumbled to dust, screams of agony echoing throughout the fortress. 

The land ripped asunder, and fire, destruction, and mayhem rode in the wake of the four horsemen. Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence wrought their evil designs upon the once-fair country. The three relics remained mostly powerless and abandoned, until they were discovered several centuries later by treasure hunters, scavengers, and thieves. 

Since the Great Sundering (as that time was known), the earth has not been at peace. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters plagues the land for centuries never to rest until the three relics are reunited again.

The First Adventure: First Sacred Relic Quest
Objective: Deep in the forests lies a hidden city, home to the notorious necromancer Daemonis. The jewel he possesses is one of the three sacred relics. Battle legions of undead to retrieve the jewel and slay the warlock.

Party Parameters: Your party may start with no more than five characters. Suggested is a healer, a warrior, and an archer, among others. 


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The Second Adventure: Second Sacred Relic Quest
Objective: The second sacred relic is a famed sword of the long-dead king Glendorryn. All your party has is a few rumors about the location of this sword. Unknown dangers and locations may prove this quest difficult, but there is a band of warriors out there strong enough to surmount this quest.

Party Parameters: There is no size limit to this party. Suggested is a rogue, a healer, a warrior, an archer, and a magi of some sort.


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The Third Adventure: Third Sacred Relic Quest
Objective: The third sacred relic is a bit more mysterious. The scepter is made from the finest gold and jewels, the like never seen in these lands, so beautiful and perfect that anyone who glimpses it must have it for themselves. However, the relic seems to have an ironic twist, as it disappears to the greedy and black of heart. This relic has not been located, but there is a certain priest in the far east who is rumored to have the most beautiful scepter ever seen...

Party Parameters: No size limit on this one as well, though some suggested party members are as follows: A rogue, a healer, a warrior, an archer, a magi, and someone un-ambitious.


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