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How this game works:

This game is mainly about dragons. Most of the humans in the Shadow Lands are dragonriders, and they are each paired with a dragon companion. The dragonriders and their dragons are divided into groups, called clans, that are at war with all other clans. Thus, there are lots of clan battles, and clan members are expected to fight for their clan. Each clan has it's own clan leader or chief, and their rule is absolute. Clans may form alliances, and clans may also break alliances. Clan members may also challenge the clan chief for the ruling position. 

The land has been divided into three sections: The Wastelands, Twilight Mountains, and the Golden Spires. The Wastelands is for 'evil' characters, Twilight Mountains for 'neutrals', and Golden Spires for 'good' characters. Clans from the Wastelands are always attempting to fight clans from Golden Spires, and thus, the battle rages on.

In order to go from one land to the next, you must travel upon designated paths or passes.

How to be successful in this game:

Fight for your clan. The chief may promote you for service, or you can challenge the chief and gain control of your clan.
Play by the rules. This includes fighting rules, general game rules, and just good old fashioned respect for the other players.

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