Eden Announcements:

  • Corin Kay is your new Guardian! Be nice to her!
  • Welcome to Eden! Sorry for all the messups surrounding it, I hope to get it straightened up soon! In the meantime, enjoy!
  • Isle of Avalon players do not need to re-join if you do not want to.

Sitewide Announcements: 03/13/03

  • Just a note, if you need absolutely anything from me, such as points for An'kor and Shadowlands, then you need to pester me through e-mail and or Guardians Cave. I've been swamped with work, so I need to be pestered.
  • Heyla, sorry all for my pathetic job of [not] updating the site. Tripod and my computer seem to suffer from simultaneous PMS and a wacky sense of humor, so... Es tut mir leid. -Morgan
  • I have changed my e-mail address and moved from Hotmail. So, if you have any need to talk to me, e-mail me at my new address.
  • Scythe, and Feral are still in need of Guardians! If you are interested, then please e-mail me!
  • There are absolutely NO pictures allowed on Dreamscape; they cause too much grief for the artists who we take them from, and it's a hassle trying to find out from everyone if they've got permission. If you do post pictures, I'll just have the games Guardian go through and delete them, so don't bother.
  • I am in need of some new Guardians! If you wish to apply for the games, Scythe, Eden, and *possibly* An'kor, e-mail me with the following information:
    • Name (Net handle/Real name and the name you would use as a Guardian, NOT a character name)
    • Email
    • Why you want to be a Guardian.
  • There is no advertising on Dreamscape on ANY board except the advertising board. Thanks!
  • I have switched HTML programs, thus the new look and confusion. I apologize for the confusion heartily..
  • Please Read: Until further notice, and until I learn a few more things about webpages, the forms on Dreamscape DO NOT WORK. I repeat. ALL FORMS DO NOT WORK. They may still be up, but there are *absolutely* no guarantees that I get the information. Please post information in the Guardian's Cave or email it to me. [link]
  • Thank you to everyone who submitted a survey; they are quite helpful in designing Shadowlands: Book II and Eden.
  • Shadowlands: Book II: Circle of Fire will be released soon, perhaps in the next week, and you have your devoted Guardian Lenore to thank for that, so pop in and tell her how you feel!
  • Please go visit our affiliates, and feel free to advertise Dreamscape on other sites--the more players, the better the games are. Please abide the wishes of the owner of any site you advertise on, however...
  • Please feel free to submit Roleplay 101 articles; they are very helpful to your fellow players, and may be good for some sort of reward, depending on your game--see Guardian's Cave with questions or for details.
  • The HTML guide and similar resources will now be located in the Roleplay 101 section for simplicity's sake.
  • Any feedback on Dreamscape or any of our games is certainly welcome, it may be posted in the Guardian's Cave, or emailed to me, (Morgan) at cuimhne@hotmail.com. Thanks.
  • If you are at all interested in competing in the Dreamscape Tournament, I urge you to enter soon. We will not go about running some of the competitions unless we have three or more competitors. Please please please!
  • Guardians: Please remember to Advertise. The banners may or may not work, so use text links if they don't. Thanks!
  • Any updates, questions, or emails you have sent or whatnot that I have not replied to or addressed in some other manner WITHIN A WEEK... I have most likely forgotten, and please, don't be shy...prod me a few more times. Y'all wait like a month, and then feel really bad, 'cause it shouldn't take a month to get stuff done. If it isn't done inside of a week (and I am in town), it has likely slipped my mind, nothing personal, but PLEASE PROD ME!!!! Thanks, and my apologies.
  • If you are interested in becoming Guardian for a game, you must send me an application. The games available are Scythe, Crossroads, and *possibly* An'kor--it's a complicated game, and I am not sure if I want to train a Guardian for it at the moment. I must have five applicants for a given game to make a decision. The application must include:
    • Name (Net handle/Real name and the name you would use as a Guardian, NOT a character name)
    • Email
    • Why you want to be a Guardian.

    I may or may not reply to your email unless you request me to; I usually look at them and file them away until I have 5 for that game.

  • Please let me know anything I have not as of yet updated!!


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